Being supporter of the local football club of Nuneaton is not easy. Several times in the past Nuneaton Borough struggled financially and were disbanded. They were reformed everytime, sometimes as Nuneaton Town and sometimes as Nuneaton Borough, which is their favorite. During our visit, the secretary of the club, Adam Etheridge, was very open and honest about te current situation. They were close to being bankrupt again.

A lot of the players were sent home, but the club also had tree full-prof players. Since there was no manager and no money to pay the players, there was no possibility to train, so these three players were just hanging out and playing pool at the clubhouse. It was a surreal environment. The club looked abandoned. It felt like he was the only one who cared about the future of the club. When we arrived Adam was making a press release that the manager quit his job a day earlier. Despite all the problems, Adam was really kind and showed us around. He knew we were coming, but strangely enough he thought we've already been there. Very coincidentally he was visited by three other Dutch groundhoppers earlier that day, thinking that they were us. Nevertheless, our visit was a success, due to the hospitality of Adam. 

#58 Liberty Way Ground, Nuneaton Borough FC, check!

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