23-11-2018 Our project has taken us to Coventry, where tonight we’ll watch the local FC, Coventry City, play against Peterborough United. We park our car next to a shopping center. The Ricoh Arena is already looming in the distance, a luminous sight on the drizzly and cold November evening.

The stadium is mainly used by the Wasps rugby union club, but this season Coventry is making good use of it. The club has been roaming from stadium to stadium for years, since their own stadium was demolished in 2005. When we enter the stands, it becomes clear that the stadium is a little too big for this club. It is quite filled, but empty seats in a stadium always hurts our football-heart a bit.

The match is poor and does not really warm us up in the cold stands. It seems to end in a boring 0-0, but as we say in Dutch: ‘het venijn zit hem in de staart.’ In the 90th minute the away team takes the lead; 3 points in the pocket! At least, they think so. Less than 40 seconds after the goal, Coventry manages to save the honor: With an all-or-nothing attack, the ball ends up in the goal of Peterborough: 1: 1! Where a draw felt like a loss a minute ago, now one point is enough to shout "WHO ARE YOU, WHO ARE YOU" from the stands to the away fans. A wonderful example of how emotion can change the experience. After the final whistle, the Peterborough players seem defeated. Remember guys: ‘It ain't over till the fat lady sings!’

#59 Ricoh Arena, Coventry City, check

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