24-11-2018 - The home of Walsall FC, Banks's Stadium, is a stadium that is never mentioned as a must-see stadium. But as groundhoppers and football stadium fans, we think the stadium should be high on every groundhopper's list!

At Banks's Stadium you can imagine yourself back in time: old stands, cramped seats close to the field, antique turnstiles and catacombs where the paint peels off the wall; it makes the stadium beautiful in its own way. Another unique thing about this stadium is that three quarters of the stands are quite low, about 10 rows deep, but that there is an enormous three-tiered stand on one short side of the stadium. It's a beautiful sight.

Tonight we visit Walsall FC against the great Sunderland. The stadium is fully filled. Next to the large number of home supporters, the away supporters are present in large numbers and occupy almost half of the stadium. This makes the atmosphere more thrilling. Sunderland has a hard time, after 23 minutes they are with only 10 men on the field, and after 52 minutes they are 2-0 behind. Thanks to the support of the accompanying supporters, the Black Cats managed to steal a point, by shooting in the 2-2 in the 89th minute.

Fellow groundhoppers; if you don't have Banks's Stadium on your list, put it on there. In any case, we are sure that we will come back to Banks's Stadium.

#60 Bescot Stadium, Wallsall, check!

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